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Spherical Graphite Making System

We have designed the spherical graphite to meet increasingly high performance demand of anode material from Lithium battery industry. The whole system are combined by mechanical impact mill, shaper mill and high efficiency classifier. It can make high quality spherical graphite by processing natural graphite, calcined petroleum coke, calcined needle coke, all kind of raw coke and graphite electrode waste.

Anode Material Graphite Grinding & Shaping System

Graphite Grinding & Shaping System Technical Feature

1.High yield rate with lower power consumption

2.With shaping function to make better shape

3.Designed for ultra-fine grinding work

4.Final product is adjustable between 5-300 μm

5.Hard alloy and ceramic wearing parts available

6.High efficiency classifier make narrow PSD

7.Negative pressure operation for dust Suppression

8.With air and water cooling device

9.PLC automation control system available

Anode Material Graphite Grinding & Shaping System


Particle surface shaper is a controlling equipment originally developed according to different particle surface requests, such as spherical multi-prismatic shape, high aspect ratio, slenderness ratio, etc., to control the particle morphology. We now have developed Jet Mill shaper and Impact Mill shaper to meet different material shaping requirements with various properties and have a good application in shaping graphite, diamond, carborundum, mica, wollastonite, etc.

Our shaping mill is specially designed for graphite anode material to improving the tap density and reduce the S.S.A (specific surface area) of the spherical graphite. It should process the ground graphite from our mechanical impact mill base on batching type. Apart from graphite, it can be also used to shaping different material such as diamond, mica, carborundum, wollastonite, etc.

Shaping mill

Shaping Mill Working principle:

The crushed material is fed to the shaping chamber of the main machine by the quantitative feeding device, and the material particles are collided and squeezed by each other for a certain time. After the certain time, the shaped material is separated into qualified product and fine powder through the classification wheel. The qualified product will be collected for next process.

Flowchart of the Shaping System:

Shaping mill

Shaping Mill Technical Specifications:

 Model LNS180 LNS330 LNS500 LNS800 LNS1000
Power                (kw) Main Unit 30 55 75 132 250
Classifier 18.5 30 50 75 132
Blower 11 15 15 15 15
Rotary Speed (r/min) Lapping plate Adjustable By Frequency Control
Classifier Rotor Adjustable By Frequency Control
 Operating Mode Batch Type
Final product size (μm) 5-100 μm Adjustable between 5-100 μm
 Capcity (kg/h) 5-100 100-600 - - -
 Weight (kg) 1800 2500 - - -

Note: The larger model LNS500, LNS800 and LNS1000 are under R&

It is a high-speed impact mill to perform ultrafine milling by using the high-speed rotating hammer to grind materials, the ground materials will be brought to high-efficient turbine classifier; the coarser particles will be swirled back to grinding chamber for further grinding. Our impact mill is mainly used in battery materials grinding including cathode raw materials such as  lithium cobalt oxide (LCO), lithium manganese oxide (LMO), nickel cobalt manganese oxide (NCM), nickel cobalt aluminum aluminate (NCA) and anode materials including natural graphite and artificial graphite. The system is available for grinding battery materials with different particle size requirement.

Impact Mill Working principle:

LNI Impact Mill is a high speed impact mill to perform ultrafine milling by using the high speed rotating hammer to grind materials, The ground materials will be brought to high efficient turbine classifier, the coarser particles will be swirled back to grinding chamber for further grinding and the exhaust gas is discharged by the induced draft fan.

Impact Mill Flowchart(Based on Different Product Size Requirement):

Impact mill

Impact Mill Technical Specifications

 Model LNI018 LNI066 LNI180 LNI330 LNI660
Power                (kw) Main Unit 3 11 30 55 132
Classifier 1.5 5.5 11 15 30
Blower 5.5 11 15 30 45
Rotary Speed (r/min) Lapping plate 9000 5600 4600 2900 1800
Classifier Rotor 900-3500 750-2800 750-2800 600-2400 400-1800
 Air flowrate (m3/h) 250-500 1200-2000 3500-5500 5000-7500 9000-18000
Final product size (μm) 5-300 5-300 5-300 5-300 5-300
 Capcity 5-10 kg/h 10-100 kg/h 0.1-1 t/h 0.2-2 t/h 0.5-3.5 t/h
 Weight (kg) 300 1000 1600 2000 3000

Impact Mill Advantages:

LNI series superfine impact mill is a new type of mechanical pulverization equipment, and its comprehensive performance index has reached the world advanced level, and it has become the first choice for many ultrafine powders processing.

1.Low energy consumption: it integrates centrifugal crushing, impact crushing and squeezing crushing, which can save up to 40-50% energy than other mechanical crushers.

2.High fineness: Equipped with self-diverting grading system, and can produce product fineness below 2500 mesh.

3.Low abrasion: The crushed parts are made of composite wear-resistant new materials, with long service life, and no pollution when processing materials with Mohs hardness ≤5.

4.Strong mechanical stability: It can be operated for 24 hours without shutdown.

5.Full function:

It can crush needle-shaped materials to achieve a length-to-diameter ratio of 15: 1;

No temperature rises in the crushing process, suitable for the crushing of heat-sensitive materials.

It can disperse the sintered agglomerated ultra-fine materials with a granularity recovery rate of 100%.

With particle shaping function, effectively increase the packing density.

Materials that can crush fibrous tissue.

It can crush materials with high moisture content, with drying function.

It can crush materials with strong viscosity.

7.Negative pressure production, no dust pollution, excellent environmental protection.

8.High degree of automation, strong stability, and easy operation.