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How to Obtain High-Grade Graphite Ore

How to Obtain High-Grade Graphite Ore

Graphite ore has lubricity, high temperature resistance and electrical conductivity. It is a relatively common carbon element mineral. Due to its high performance and high industrial value, it can usually be used to make lubricants. Graphite ore contains certain gangue minerals, and the utilization rate can be greatly improved through the graphite ore beneficiation process. This article will introduce the graphite ore beneficiation process flow according to the characteristics of the graphite ore.

Graphite Ore Beneficiation Process

The process of graphite ore beneficiation is relatively simple. Usually, three stages are required in the beneficiation process, namely crushing and screening, grinding and classification, and flotation.

Crushing and Screening: According to the large particle size of graphite ore, the first step in the process of graphite ore beneficiation is to grind the graphite ore. Graphite ore is crushed by vibrating feeder for the first process such as jaw crusher - coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing is carried out by cone crusher, and the graphite minerals obtained by fine crushing are screened. Usually a circular vibrating screen is used to screen out suitable ore for the next step of grinding and classification, and the graphite ore that does not meet the lumpiness during the crushing process is returned to be crushed again.

Grinding and Classification: The graphite ore obtained after crushing and screening is transported to a ball mill for grinding operation. After grinding, the graphite ore is subjected to classification treatment, and the qualified materials are sent to the next process.

Flotation: the graphite ore obtained after grinding is fully mixed with the flotation agent in the stirring tank, and the obtained graphite ore is put into the flotation machine for re-selection operation, and finally the graphite ore obtained by the flotation machine is dried, usually Use a dryer to obtain the final graphite concentrate powder.

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