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Classification of Natural Graphite

Classification of Natural Graphite

Natural graphite, as the name implies, is naturally formed in nature of graphite, generally in the form of scales or plates, aggregates are dense massive, soil or spherical. According to the different crystal morphology, natural graphite is divided into crystalline graphite, cryptocrystalline graphite and dense crystalline graphite.

Dense Crystalline Graphite

Dense crystalline graphite is also called massive graphite. This kind of graphite ore grade is very high, the carbon content is generally 60~65%, sometimes 80~98%, but its plasticity and smoothness is not as good as flake graphite.

Flake Graphite

Crystalline graphite generally refers to flake graphite, flake graphite crystal is flake; This is metamorphic under high temperature and high pressure, there are large scale and fine scale. This kind of graphite ore grade is not high, generally in 2~3%, or between 10~25%. It is one of the best floatability ores in nature, after much grinding and selection. High grade graphite concentrate can be obtained. This kind of graphite floatability, lubricity, plasticity are superior to other types of graphite, so its industrial value is the largest.

Cryptocrystalline Graphite

Cryptocrystalline graphite is also known as microcrystalline graphite or earthen graphite. The crystal diameter of this graphite is generally less than 1 micron, which is a collection of microcrystalline graphite. Only under the electron microscope can the crystal form be seen. This kind of graphite is characterized by the surface of the siliform, lack of luster, lubricity slightly worse than flake stone black. High grade, generally 60~85% fixed carbon content. A few are more than 90%. Generally used in the casting industry more, the basic enterprises after grinding processing to directly sell graphite powder. With the improvement of graphite purification technology, the application of earthy graphite will be more and more extensive.

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