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Natural Graphite VS Artificial Graphite

Natural Graphite VS Artificial Graphite

At present, the mainstream anode electrodes are still natural graphite and artificial graphite. Natural graphite originates from mines and is mined from mines and made through flotation, spheroidization, and surface coating. Artificial graphite is derived from coal and petrochemical by-products, while artificial graphite is It is made from coal tar pitch or vacuum residue oil, which is a by-product of petroleum or coal chemical industry, and is made into needle coke by delayed coking, and is made by granulation and graphitization.

Natural graphite size particles are different, particle size distribution is wide, untreated natural graphite can not be used as a anode material directly, need to be used after a series of processing, and artificial graphite in the morphology and particle size distribution is more consistent.

The capacity of natural graphite is high, the compaction density is high, the price is cheaper, but because the particle size is different, the surface defects are more, the compatibility with the electrolyte is poor, and the side reaction is more; The performance of artificial graphite is more balanced, good circulation performance, and the compatibility of electrolyte is better, so the price will be more expensive.

Although natural graphite has the advantages of cost and specific capacity, its cycle life is low, and its consistency is lower than that of artificial graphite. Compared with natural modified graphite, artificial graphite technology is more mature, and its electrolyte compatibility is better.

In addition, natural graphite is mainly used in small lithium batteries and lithium batteries for general use electronic products, artificial graphite is widely used in automotive power batteries and high-end electronic products with excellent cycling performance, large charging and discharging efficiency and electrolyte compatibility and other significant advantages.

Artificial graphite anode material is the needle coke, petroleum coke, asphalt coke and other raw materials calcined at a certain temperature, and then after crushing, grading, high temperature graphitization made, its high crystallinity is formed by high temperature graphitization.